Some may have noticed the addition of Pia Jane Bijerk to my daily favorites .  She of the Paris Mady by Hand book that I adore.  Her blog entry today links to another artist’s site that can only be described as sublime.  Please visit J Morgan Puett and prepare to be swept away.

Just to pique your curiousity …

j morgan puett1994_boiledwaxed1

j morgan puett wooster-presentation

j morgan puett new-barn-house

j morgan puett shack7-copy

Stunning, exquisite, well … sublime.

Another exciting happening on the fashion front.  carol lee shanks - gypsy

Carol Lee Shanks now has a website.  Granted it’s not a particularly sophisticated site, but it’s current and it’s finally a regular on-line source to see her work.  My favorite ensemble of hers from years ago …

And then a recent one from the new site.  BTW, that’s Carol in the pics.

carol lee shanks 2009

carol lee shanks 2009

I guess that’s it for now.  I just got excited about J.Morgan Puett and Mildred’s Lane and Carol Lee Shanks and had to share.

blessings – kvk