I went on a minor shopping trip this afternoon.  It’s not often I allow myself unlimited time to roam aimlessly, but this afternoon it seemed like the thing to do.  I started out at one of my favorite haunts called the Screen Door.  An antique mall sort of place with maybe 150 different vendors – basically a lot of stuff, not overwhelming, always inspiring.  An added bonus is there’s also a whole side of the building that is an outlet for a book distributor – mostly garden and home and design and cooking – you know,  pretty books.  All together – translates lots and lots of eye candy.

I scored two sweet little finds.  The first, a book that I owned at one time.  I gave my copy to a friend, one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met, who was dealing with serious health problems.  I gave the book to him without writing down the name or author.  I have had it in the back of my head ever since, hoping to come across another copy some day.  Well today was my lucky day.  It’s called Meditative Spaces by Michael Freeman.  This is one of those books where I start to hyperventilate just flipping through the pages  …  “places solely designed to reinvigorate the mind and spirt are not an indulgence in our fast-paced, stressful world  – they are a necessity.”  Feast on a few pages …

meditative spaces 5

meditative spaces 1

meditative spaces 4

meditative spaces 2

meditative spaces 3

That last image is a ‘briefcase room’ , a portable meditation space.  Oh my, 239 pages of glorious inspiration and half price to boot!

My other find was from a vendor that actually has a spiffy clothing store about an hour from here.  I’ve never been there, but like to peruse her website and drool.  The shop is called Niche and the owner has a booth at Screen Door where she sells all kinds of miscellaneous stuff from her shop at big discounts.  A side note about me and bargains, it doesn’t make much sense, or maybe it does – anyway … I’ll spend three hundred dollars on a pair of shoes (well they’re handmade in Italy for heaven’s sake!), but hate to pay full price for clothing.  I’m always on the lookout for BlueFish anything and today I got one!  It’s the same vintage as a vest Nina gave me years ago.  It’s a jumper in a heavy waffle weave knit in taupe with woven (linen?), block printed pockets.  I’m trying to wean myself off boring clothes and incorporate some skirts and jumpers.  I’m quite pleased with my find.

bluefish jumper

I’m feeling so incredibly grateful for these little treasures, but what I’m even more grateful for is my friend Lynne.  Lynne and I met in Port Townsend and had just a few months of being best buddies in the same town before she moved back to California.  Lynne is my favorite kind of person – WYSIWYG, absolutely straight forward, no b.s. EVER, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I love her dearly.  Now we’re thousands of miles apart, but manage to stay in touch on a pretty regular basis – thank goodness for blogs.  A week or so ago, I emailed Lynne for suggestions about changing the energy in my studio and around our house.  After a few questions, my answers referring to the jumbo cell phone tower down the street and an all electric house, she had a couple of suggestions and would send help right away.

Yesterday my goodie package arrived.  Inside, one of her wonderful muslin paintings (I love the lotus blossom awakening in her 3rd eye) and a miraculous little obsidian orb.

LH postcard and orb

Beneath these treasures was something new to me – orgonite, aka ‘tower busters’  –   to help with what is probably massive amounts of EMF energy here on my property and in my neighborhood … a big ol’ haul of the stuff.

orgonite tb's

Right now it’s outside doing a bit of off-gassing (click the link above to find out more); tomorrow I’ll do some strategic placement around the perimeters of our property and when the resin is fully cured, some strategic placement inside.  Interesting stuff … I have no idea what to expect.

Interesting stuff and interesting times.  I still feel like I’m hydroplaning.  My days are productive, work is getting done, my magazine ad sent off … but I don’t feel fully engaged.  That’s why I’m wanting to do some energy shifting.

What I always have to come back to is gratitude.  My life is absolutely awash with abundance.  Good and bad, challenging people or effortless creation, I am enormously grateful for everything in my life … everything.  So many opportunities to learn and grow and continue on this inexorable path towards waking up.

and please know that I am always wishing you …

many blessings – kvk