I lay awake last night till well after 3 consumed by an overwhelming sense of lack.  Logically, this is utter nonsense.  But this is my arch nemesis – an underlying sense that there’s not enough – that has permeated my entire life.  What finally allowed sleep to come was a systematic listing of everything in my life for which I am grateful – the small … finding little treasures on Etsy … to the big … my good health, my amazing family and friends, financial stability, making my living from something I love, a comfortable new home – well, you get the idea.  I’m really struggling to let go of this wretched old belief.  I want to be rid of it, once and for all, now and forever more!  A process, lord mercy what a process … deep breaths … clasping the talisman that rests over my heart and giving thanks for all the gifts and wonders in my life … deep breaths.

I just came across this inspirational ‘to-do’ list that was shared by a dear friend in P.T.  So, before heading back to the actual ‘to-do’ list, I wanted to share it here.

  • make art with passion; try new approaches in your artwork  – you may find a new vision that helps you experience and enrich the lives of others
  • love and be loved by those who elevate your spirit
  • honor your friends as a wonderful work of art
  • be in tune with one another
  • be excited seeing something that catches your eye
  • celebrate the small ordinary things in life that make you happy:  good food and wine, beautiful music, serene surroundings
  • respect your family and friends, children and grandchildren for the unique people they are, and let yourself be enriched by their life touching yours
  • allow yourself the grace of happiness

Well said.  Thanks Missy Laura.

now back to work for me.

with enormous gratitude and blessings – kvk