I’m about half-way through and pretty much cross-eyed, but really liking how the new site is coming along.  The gloom has passed and progress is being made and I’m remembering to stretch every once in awhile, have been consuming copious amounts of strong black tea and sometimes remember to drink water.  Almonds and apples are my best friends and I’m very thankful for the big pans of cajun dirty rice and cornbread that I made up on Thursday.

I’ve no doubt that I’ll have everything up and running by Tuesday, actually hopeful for sometime Monday, but we’ll just have to see about that.

Till then, Etsy will continue to be my storefront.  I’m close, really really close.  I’m also really tired, so I’m stopping for a bit, heating up some yummy leftovers, having a big glass of wine and will be sure to include some stretching of  my arm and shoulder and neck and anything else that feels like it’s seizing up.


so very much appreciate all the well wishes.

with enormous gratitude and blessings – kvk