I’m getting there.

I had a brief bit of a setback late afternoon.  Did I need to do inventory tracking or not?  Did I need to put in actual numbers of on-hand inventory or not?  For a bit I decided – yes, then set to going into each of my 80+ sku’s plugging in inventory info, then plugging the updated code onto my product page, until I realized … I don’t need to track my inventory.  So I stopped.  Luckily I wasn’t too far into the process.  At that point, I was feeling a bit off  and decided to slow down.  Not content with just hanging out, I uploaded the bones of the new website … click here for the new look.  Very clean.  I like the new border graphics and white background.  The view cart button will be upper right and each jewelry image will link to a page with descriptions, pricing, drop down menus and add-to cart options.  I’m still building the collection pages, but I think I’m more than halfway there.

And a bit of follow-up … After my dark night, opportunities for giving something back keep presenting themselves.  I’ve decided on the two organizations that will receive a portion of my profits, one local – the Manna Food Bank,  here in Asheville, and one international – Barakat, Inc. .  I found out about Barakat through the owner of one of my galleries, Karma in Newton Center, Mass.  Phuni and her husband, Daja,  have extraordinary life stories and this is a cause she supports.  To be truly inspired and gain a sizable perspective on how graced we really are, read their stories here and here.

I’ve also got a couple of opportunities, through my brother’s humanitarian work  in Nashville, to make talismans for some people in very difficult situations. One man’s about to be released (after spending half of his adult life in prison) from a maximum security prison into the world and then there’s a small group of young and single new moms at a halfway house.  To make special talismans with specific blessings for people facing such enormous challenges, well that’s a gift to me for which I feel very very grateful.

The shift is on … rock the shift!

blessings – kvk