kawabunga and yippie kay yay and holy moly and golly gee and lord mercy what a relief!

The shopping cart is up and as best as I can tell right now, running.  I’m going to do a bit of test shopping later, but for now I’m enormously pleased and super proud of my own self for taking on this daunting task.  It’s beccome painfully obvious why it costs thousands of dollars for top-notch web and e-commerce design.  All things considered, I’m quite pleased.  I’m starting off with the PayPal route.  I considered BigCartel, but as I was starting with 80+ sku’s, I opted for Paypal.

Needless to say, the coming days will involve lots more proofing and testing, but for now ………….

I AM DONE!!!!!!!!  check it out here.

Hallelujah and praise be and glory glory glory.

I really do honestly without a doubt believe.

blessings – kvk