Lord mercy – it’s New Year’s Eve!  So appropriate that the last few nights I’ve gone to bed with my mind swirling about new directions and my ongoing efforts in the world of fearless creating.

This week’s challenge:  pay attention to all the little things that normally go ignored – you know things that don’t ring true, those little niggling annoyances, or maybe not so little – but pay attention to them and, if possible, actually do something about them.  This got me thinking about my website …….

So yesterday I decided to soften up the header on my website.  This is in the niggling little thing category.  I’m slightly obsessed with fonts and can easily spend hours (and I do mean hours) looking at and downloading fonts – a girl can never have too many fonts.  (my two favorite font sites are DaFont and Fontasy)   Danielle from WhiteHotTruth is all gung-ho about Helvetica.  I tried to go there, but it turns out I’m a serif kind of girl.  My initial re-vamp of the header had Baskerville Old Face Caps and good old Times New Roman for everything else (except my KVK icon).  I always revert back to T.N.R.  So yesterday, I decided that the edges of Baskerville were a bit too sharp – et voila’, now transformed to Oldstyle.  A wee thing maybe, but I really do believe that “God is in the details” (thank you Mies van der Rohe).  For you font geeks, here’s a fun quiz from a segment of the PBS program Independent Lens – What Font Are You? And guess what …  I’m Times New Roman – color me surprised!

An integral part in the quest of fearless creating and staying authentic is making a concerted effort to ditch anything in my life that feels derivative, where have concessions been made, jettison anything in my surroundings that I’ve held onto for some long forgotten reason that no longer speaks to me.  Also, what can I do to support and uplift my self-image?

Attack implementation thus far……

  • our families were very generous with Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift certificates.  I’m in the market for inspiration and already ordered a pile of books off of my wish list.  I did well in the used books and even found a couple of close-out deals – who knew that Amazon had close-outs?  Not me.  So I’ve got a whole stack of books on ethnic and ancient jewelry, a couple on contemporary fashion designers and a couple interior design eye candy treasures – all OTW in the next week or so – yippee!  Look for specifics when the treasure trove arrives.
  • today we joined the YMCA – I absolutely cannot wait to get back to some yoga classes.
  • switching back to a low-glycemic diet.  So long simple carbohydrates.  We’ve been doing this for a while, but of course the holidays wreck havoc with good eating habits.  Being back on track is a relief.
  • we’ve got vision insurance with Dave’s new job, so next week I’m making an eye appointment.  Here are the glasses I’m wanting.  I had some similar Ray Bans in black a few years ago.  I’ve always loved horn-rims, kind of ties in with my old fashioned fonts.

  • through the years I’ve been prone to doing ‘my version’ of popular trends.  I want that to stop now and forever more.  This one will be a process for sure.
  • pay attention to things in my life that are there because I listened to someone else rather than my own inner voice then adjust accordingly.

It’s been an interesting year (ya think?) and Christmas was no different.  I think I mentioned making talismans for some people that are being helped by an outreach program of my brother’s church in Nashville.  Chuck was released from maximum security into the world on December 22nd, no parole, no caveats – just a check for $75 that he couldn’t cash because all he had was his prison ID.  Seems like he’s got a whole team of angels, earthly and heavenly, working for him and a string of small miracles falling into place to get his life sorted out.  Apparently, the cross I made for him made a powerful impression.  I got to talk to him on Christmas Eve … that made quite an impression on me – I don’t know many convicted felons. Chuck’s cross is pretty straightforward, with LGLG and his initials stamped on the back; the blessing is “change my thoughts, change my life” … it’s already working.

Christmas talismans

The three matching talismans I dubbed the  ‘Miracle’ Talisman went to three new moms at a home called Wendy’s Place.  The silver medallion is stamped with a hummingbird, a symbol for life’s little everyday miracles, embedded in the side a faceted ruby as a reminder to stay heart centered and stamped in the back ‘LGLG’ for let go let god; beach glass for life’s unexpected gifts; the blessing, “dream it, believe it, live it” on bronze silk lashed with rose silk, a mustard seed for faith and a fenugreek seed to honor one’s past, nestled within.  The ladies were equally thrilled with their new pendants.

Such a powerful gift for me as well.

So, that’s where I am on this last day of the year, this decade, this blue moon of a New Year’s Eve … with so much gratitude for the road I’ve traveled thus far, so much excitement and anticipation for the road ahead.

be well, be safe

blessings and thank you – kvk