Goodness, where to begin. 
First – this is still going to be only a partial update, albeit not quite so bare bones as the last couple…..
The main thing – we're buying a house in Asheville, NC – operative word being IN.  We've ended up doing an absolute 180 degree turnaround regarding our type and location of new home.  Granted, it's in western NC, but other than that.

Behold – the new digs.New digs
The house is brand new, in a really great location and neighborhood, 1200 sq/ft (the biggest house we've ever had).  After much dashing about hither and yon in all sorts of directions and spending hours into days searching and researching – Dave found this little house via an on-line real estate site.  We pretty much drove up, looked in the window and knew this was it. 

So, just to back up a bit…….
We left PT in the fog on November 17th
Off into fog 2
With a lot of deep breaths and some trepidation, we were headed east.  Zoe wasn't too sure about the whole thing.Trepidation All in all, we couldn't have picked a better week to travel.  It was clear sailing all the way, well at least until the very last day.  After a day layover in Nashville to visit my brother, we landed in NC on November 24th in the pouring rain.  Not happy about that, but the next day was clear and cold – much better for unloading the truck.

We did the housesitting thing for two weeks and then found our temp digs – the "Park Model" in Bryson City.  The park modelNot an ideal location, but ideal for the short term and the low cost.  Deluxe it ain't, small it is, but we've only got one more week to go and Zoe's been doing pretty well in her temp digs  (she's now and for the forseeable future, an inside kitty).

We've had a day or two when we were able to squeeze in a walk at Deep Creek, one of our favorite places on earth.Deep creek

We're looking forward to lots of explorations and settling in.  Our closing date is Tuesday the 6th, moving immediately thereafter!  It seems forever that we've been in fluxe – it really has been months – five to be exact.  This all started late August and we're very ready to stop.  I can't wait to get my studio set back up and see what this new environment is going to inspire. 

This is kind of a hodge podge, but for now …
I'm sending well wishes for a joyous New Year!
Asheville gothic
With great love and many blessings.